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Rachel Rising (2011-) #1 - #18 ongoing; art & writingby Terry Moore

Rachel Rising is the story of a woman who wakes up dead in her own shallow grave. Don’t let the first issue blurbs on practically every. single. website. fool you: this is no story of ~*Rachel’s revenge against a cheating boyfriend, Phillip.*~ There’s no Phillip and there’s no cheating boyfriend.

Instead, there’s a girl who was murdered and then claws her way out of her own shallow grave three days later, neither dead or alive. Rachel enlists her Aunt Johnny and best friend Jet in helping her find out what happened, and together they discover that their creepy little town of Manson hides all kinds of murderous secrets, from vengeful witches to a serial killing 10 year old. Exciting!

With Terry Moore’s seriously gorgeous art and compelling storytelling, a female lead and female dominated cast plus characters who are not all cisgendered heterosexuals… what more could you want?

Normally this is the point were the person telling you to read a comic book series provides a link so you can pirate every existing issue. I’m not going to do that. I am going to provide you the first two issues and—obviously while I can’t stop you going off and hunting the rest for free—beg of you that if you like this book? Please buy it. 

Because this is exactly the kind of great story & fabulous characters you’re not going to get at the big two and this series is up to 18 incredible issues already! 

  • Comixology has the trades, covering all current issues from #1 - #18, as follows: Vol. 1, Vol. 2 (@ $9.99) and Vol. 3 (@ $16.99), or the individual issues here. Issue #1 is 0.99c, the rest are $1.99 (USD). 
  • Alternately, hardcopy of some of the individual issues (@ $3.99) plus the three trades (@ $16.99 each) are available at Terry Moore’s Rachel Rising store here

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